Prophet Brian Carn KCC Investigating Talk With Hood Evangelist

Video: Prophet Brian Carn KCC Investigating Talk With Hood Evangelist

Hood Evangelist is a renowned, award-winning blogger and editor for She has become an authority in the industry with her knowledge of different topics often ignored by mainstream media. One such topic she discussed was Prophet Brian Carn KCC Church Investigation Video. This blog post will explore the fallout from these statements and hear what Hood Evangelist had to say about it all.


Hood Evangelist:

Known for her brave, courageous, and passionate preaching in the gospel of Christ, Hood Evangelist uncovers hidden truth and rebukes false prophets, fake pastors, and bible teachers.

On her youtube channel “Hood Evangelist,” she published a video about Brian Carn Investigation. Let’s start a talk with something about Prophet Brian Carn.

Prophet Brian Carn:

Brian Carn is the pastor at Kingdom City Church which hosted its 3rd Holy Convocation, “The Giants are Coming,” the week of Nov. 8. In April, Carn was in hot water with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department after videos circulated of him claiming to have COVID-19 and still continuing to hold services.


What Is About The Investigation Video Of Prophet Brian Carn?

INVESTIGATING PROPHET BRIAN CARN … Interview with a woman who spend 5 years under the leadership of a man she now consider a false prophet and claims he had COVID-19 symptoms and still held services packed with people.

Pastor Brian Carn allegedly conducted service at Kingdom City Church on Dr. Carver Drive on Easter Sunday, and it’s raising eyebrows.

After featuring on Hood Evangelist Youtube Channel Prophet Brian Carn never broke his silence about the leaked tape. 

Hood Evangelist published her blog post about this event titled”Celebrity Pastor Brian Carn KCC, Pastor Reality Tea & Investigating With Hood Evangelist“.


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