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WHO IS HOOD EVANGELIST? Latiesha Brown wildly known as  ( Hood Evangelist ) is a down to earth worshipper of Christ Jesus, resilient Evangelist, Spiritual motivational coach, preacher, and servant-leader, dedicated to building the kingdom of God. Hood Evangelist is known for her powerful, courageous and passionate manner in which she teaches the gospel of Christ, uncover hidden truth and rebukes sharply false prophets, false teachers, false pastors and prophets of God.

Her goal is to share her experiences, insights, and influences to help people focus on discipline, so they can become better versions of themselves. Each day, she propels millions seeking to deepen their relationship with God with great wisdom through her sermons and messages on YouTube. Hood Evangelist is a true woman of God devoting her life to the purpose in which God has predestinated for her.

Ultimately, she craves to open the hearts of people to experience the freedom of liberty, restoration, and healing in Christ.She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at a young age of fourteen in Jacksonville Florida with her neighborhood associate Prophet Brian Carn. She also talks about healing, growth and women chasing prophets.

Hood Evangelist  was kicked out of church by Brian Carn security team in a recent “One Night with the Prophet Service  at the New Life Evangelistic Center in Jacksonville Florida on July 17, 2016 after their reunification.

Speculations immediately started and that is when Hood Evangelist  exposed self-styled Prophet Brian Carn and uncovered  the truth about why religious leaders has only female followers showing up at every itinerary events on her Youtube channel. Later that night after leaving the hospital, she vowed to God that if He would release her from Prophet Brian Carn Witchcraft,  she would serve Him wholeheartedly and speak up to the church about the necessary changes  that caused her the darkest moments of her life that lead to insecurities and toxic relationships with the person she looked up to as a brother.

With her Sermons and messages on YouTube with her unique way of reaching people who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God., she has earned over 3 million viewers. her goal is to share her experiences, insights, and influences to help women and men to focus on discipline and to become better versions of themselves.    

You are welcome to watch her videos as she shares some advice for people who commonly say, “God showed me” or God told me.”On her channel, as she exposes the enemy’s deception, you will find vlogs. She love making videos all about lifestyle vlogs, travel vlogs, getting life together, home decor, cook with me, and also a bit of fashion and beauty. Subscribe to see more of her videos in your feed!




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