Popular Food Blogger, Darius Cooks has been dragged as a scammer and recently did an interview with Larry Reid Live.

“Also, Darius Williams did a sit down with Larry Reid Live not realizing that Reid is being accused as a child molester.”

“Consequently, Darius “Darius Cooks” Williams discusses allegations with Larry Reid Live,LarryReidLive and the #LRLers.”

 “As a result, Hood Evangelist shared a video online.” Hood Evangelist noted that Larry Reid Live and Darius Williams seemed to be a lil too close than friends after watching the LIVE?

In Larry’s words; I have a special guest tonight. A very tall and chocolate black man like me? It’s very rare for me to meet a dude and look up because 9 times out of 10 I’m looking down.

Watch the video: Darius Cooks don’t realize this about Larry Reid Live. Dariuscooks.tv website

Master Darius “Cooks” Williams tends to the rankling charges evened out against him that reach from taking cash, unlawful credit fix works on, harassing Individuals of color, ripping off colleagues, and purportedly misleading such countless individuals that it collected the hashtag “#DariusCrooks.”

Larry Reid Live – Interesting info

Firstly, Reid has a Entertainment news & talk show based in Atlanta, GA that’s streams on Facebook.

Its an obvious fact, Larry said himself on one of his projects that what he jars be alluded to as “clairvoyant readings” and furthermore conceded that he can now and again talk with the dead.

Hood Evangelist shares other interesting  shocking reports about Larry Reid Live on Youtube.  Check out the her exclusive video talking about how Reids accusers are speaking out against him. Did he really do it? 

Darius Cooks – Interesting info

Earlier this month, Hood Evangelist later discovered that popular Food Blogger, Chef Darius ‘Cooks‘ Williams is currently Facing Allegations himself for Stealing Money and  Assault. Twitter is calling Williams a ‘Crook’!



In this video, I’m going to discuss a few things about  elite meeting with Dark Undertaking, culinary master Darius “Cooks” firstly,Williams tends to the rankling claims evened out against him that reach from taking cash. secondly, the unlawful credit fix works on and harassing Individuals of color. thirdly,and most importantly, it is said ripping off colleagues, and apparently defrauding such countless individuals that it gathered the hashtag #dariuscooks


Meanwhile, I’ll start by telling you William’s seems to be a nice guy. After that, I’ll tell you why he might be known for a famous previous restauranteur, for instance. Subsequently, Darius rose to popularity as a Chicago-based food blogger. As a result, it later fell over.

Moreover, he’s a productive cookbook writer who began with a cupcake shop.

  “Earlier, it was mentioned in a report Darius Cooks TV Williams, than parlayed it into a few multimillion-dollar organizations, eateries from Chicago to Atlanta.”


Hood Evangelist – Interesting info

Hood Evangelist shows the good news of Christ. Uncovers Hidden truth And Sharp reproach False Prophets. False Teachers, False Pastors And Prophets of God. 

But on the other hand, Hood Evangelist says celebrity pastors are all jacked Up, However,Larry Reid Live is much different.

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