False Pastors Exposed: Prophet Brian Carn Vs Kimberly Brown

False Pastors Exposed!! Prophet Brian Carn and Kimberly Brown Divination, can’t be inspired by a god.

Brian Carn, Pastor of Kingdom City Church is known for many scandals but Pastor Kimberly Brown has revealed much more.

Kimberly Brown, was recently going off and the people of God doesn’t seem to understand why?

Kimberly, is from Atlanta I belive but she was sharing a warning to God’s people and these Dream Interpreters operating in divination.

Td Jake sermons trauma, trigger and trump will certainly needs to be checked out after witnessing the drama I have in the church. What about you?

False Pastors Exposed: Jamal Bryant Fired

False Pastors Exposed. Pastor Jamal Bryant about to face the consequences for sleeping around with women in the church.

Dang on Shame because I heard Jamal can’t hardly pay his child support payments with his baby mama Latoya Odom now he’s about to get fired based off the YouTube news.

This Atlanta Mega Church is walking in the shoes of New Birth Church Ex Pastor Eddie Long I think?

When will our religious leaders learn to follow the path of Jesus Christ?

Zimbabwe Prophet Passion Java Abominations

Prophet Passion Java, another Queen of false prophets from Zimbabwe. Don’t get me wrong because Prophet Java Passion is actually one of my favorite Prophets but something regarding him has changed.

Passion is said to be now American preacher Bishop Noel Jones son

Prophet Passion Java Ministry is being exposed for not holding one of his spiritual sons accountable. I’m aware that his mother is no more so let us keep our brother in Prayers ok?

It’s been stated that prophet Angel had been Prophet Passion’s Spiritual father in the Past but something went down hill.

Passion java is a self-proclaimed prophet in zimbabwe. He is one of the new age pentecostal church non secular leaders to emerge in zimbabwe in latest decades. He’s the founder of passion java ministries and the dominion embassy church.

In 2018 java started out sponsoring zimdancehall musicians amongst them enzo ishall. Numerous such artists point out his call in their songs.