Dreams, Visions, & Prophecy: Henry & Monic TV Elections

In the Bible , There are encouraging biblical quotes of men and women receiving messages they believe to be from God but it’s not Henry and Monic TV. The problem with¬†false¬†prophets¬†2021¬†¬†is that they usually tell partial truths therefore Henry and Monic Election¬†Prophesy¬†is no different. The¬†Prophecies word for 2021¬†is no longer¬†religion¬†truth for life. These¬†Prophet youtube¬†is using a lot of¬†encouraging biblical quotes¬†but its not enough as the¬†2021 word of the Lord¬†. I don‚Äôt know about you but I‚Äôm sick of the¬†two truths and A lie Dreams, Visions and Prophecy?¬†The Old black Church¬†needs to repent for some of these¬†2021 sermons. Fam let us continue to pray for our¬†faith,¬†true religion¬†and these so called God‚Äôs Prophets¬†2021 sermons youtube ain’t nothing but a Lie. Henry and Monic if you are reading this please Repent and get really Saved

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