Prophet Brian Carn & Celebrity Pastors: Episode 1- Hood Evangelist

    • Prophet Brian Carn & Celebrity Pastors
      prophet brain carn worship songs. prophet brain carn gets married in secret. Kingdom City Church Pastor Brian Carn wife.


Pastor Reality Tea

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Prophet Brian Carn Never “apologized” for the Witch Video that he used.  False prophet Brian Carn cheats on Church Musician Alleges Well-Known TV Prophet Slept with  his wife!  Hood Evangelist reacts to Prophet Brian Carn Kicking her out the church. in today’s video, I discuss Prophet Brian Carn being exposed for the spirit of perversion and deception in the church 

Celebrity Pastor Brian Carn Caught at Kingdom City Church Kicking Hood Evangelist of the Church. Hood Evangelist exposed Prophet Brian Carn Testimony. Prophet Brian Carn exposed! Broadcast journalist Hood Evangelist gives us the inside scoop on her relationship with Prophet Brian Carn scandal. Hood Evangelist Prophet Brian Carn Exposed.

Here’s the video “sermon” we reviewed from Prophet Brian Carn church at Kingdom City Church : Got A Video Suggestion?

I DO NOT sugarcoat when I give advice to anyone and I will not do that here. I only comment on things I have been through or have experienced in for the most part. Feel free to add to my advice down below!

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Hood Evangelist

Hood Evangelist teaches the gospel of Christ, Uncovers Hidden truth And Sharp rebuke False Prophets, False Teachers, False Pastors And Prophets of God. What causing a pastor, evangelist or Bible teacher to become false and get exposed for their sin. Hood Evangelist makes a Christian video on false prophets and false preachers. Please watch her videos as she shares some advice, for People who Commonly say God showed Me or God Told Me.

Prophet Brian Carn Rebuke

The bible declares from Proverbs 27:6 that a Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.  an open rebuke is better than love that is concealed. Prophet Brian Carn Rebuked  and advice from Hood Evangelist. Celebrity Prophet Brian Carn betrays Hood Evangelist with the spirit of perversion and deception in the church. Hood Evangelist gives us the inside scoop on her relationship with Prophet Brian Carn and discuss church secrets


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