Why Did Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Accuses His Mom Of Assault On IG Live

Why Did Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Accuses His Mom Of Assault On IG Live Talk With The Church And Hood Evangelist

Why Did Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Accuses His Mom Of Assault On IG Live

Somebody tell me why Kirk Franklin’s son, 33-year-old Kerrion, called out the gospel singer for molesting him and the church ignored it. Hood evangelist says she  belives Kirk Frankin son Kerrion and Larry reid live accusers. If kerrion never leaked a phone call where Kirk used explicit language and yelled, who would believe him of his mothers assault.  

Hood Evangelist:

Hood Evangelist is a renowned, award-winning blogger and editor for hood-evangelist.com. She has become an authority in the industry with her knowledge of different topics often ignored by mainstream media. One such topic she discussed was Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Fights With His Mother Than Has A Mental Breakdown Video. With her experience in various fields that are frequently neglected by mainstream media, she has established herself as an authority in the sector.


Kerrion Franklin

the oldest son of gospel artist Kirk Franklin is all over social media for having an altercation with his mother, claiming he suffered at the hands of his parents Shawn Ewing and Kirk Franklin. He also claims she is trying to send him back to a mental institution. Kirk Franklin Son Kerrion allegedly cries in Madness, EXPOSE his mom & dad is Setting him up for failure, and it’s raising eyebrows. After featuring on Hood Evangelist Youtube Channel Kerrion Franklin never broke his silence about the leaked tape

On her YouTube channel “Hood Evangelist,” she published a video about Kirk Franklin Son Had A Nervous Break Down | The Church vs Kerrion Franklin and baby mom Shawn Ewing. Let’s start a talk with something about kirk Franklin Kerrion

Hood Evangelist published a video about Larry Reid Accusers, kirk frankin son kerrion. lets talk kirk frankin son and how kirk franklin molested son

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