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Hood Evangelist on Taska K EXPOSING Derrick Jaxn And Pastor John Gray For Cheating on their Wives | Jezebel Rebuke

tashak #unwinewithtashak

On this new “Jezebel Rebuke” episode, Hood Evangelist says Taska K #unwinewithtashak has recently exposed Derrick Jaxn for cheating on his wife of 4 years on Youtube. Honey the news is Derrick Jaxn even slept with his side chick in his wife’s bed now ain’t that something? Derrick you know that ain’t godly.

Funny thing about this gossip is this Church? Derrick Jaxn called himself exposing Pastor John Gray for cheating on his wife. Sorry but I’m confused with this guru relationship coach. How could Derrick Jaxn Talks about how to love a woman then mistreats his own? How can he gossip in his car about Pastor John Gray Cheating on his wife then turn around to do the same? Derrick Jaxn even published a book titled a cheating man’s heart so to each their own because this hot boy just got busted by Tasha K and Hood Evangelist.

#taskak #DerrickJaxn God Don Exposed Derrick Jaxn For Cheating | Hood Evangelist

Posted by Hood Evangelist on Friday, March 19, 2021