The Response to Pastor John Gray’s statement Recap

Church we recently found out about Pastor John Gray’s MISTRESS leaking an audio recording with queen of false prophets Larry Reid Live.

Pastor John Gray was CAUGHT CHEATING AGAIN for the 3rd time and although the black church was concerned, I’ll explain why we should’t be.

Redemption church, led via pastor ron carpenter, has alleged that relentless church, led by using pastor john gray, has fallen in the back of on hire bills for the assets relentless currently occupies in greenville.

Church the wife of the pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville and Hood Evangelist  had a lot to say about black people, especially the way we some times take sides with the unimportant side of the story. Don’t take my word for it just head over to Hood Evangelist Youtube page and hear for yourself.  I wish all the black person reading this can show mercy and pray for our brother and his wife. What do you think?

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